Jul 25, 2012

Regine Velasquez considers diet a serious business

During her pregnancy, Regine Velasquez, grew to a staggering 165lbs.   Now that she’s back in show business after giving birth to baby Nathaniel, she’s targeting 125lbs!  For most of us, this is “a giant leap for mankind” but not for Regine, who is determined to transform the extra flabs to sexy curves in time for her anniversary concert in November.

Regine says she’s currently on Southbeach diet, which she said, has helped her bring her weight down by 12 lbs.

Although the ideal weight for her height is 115lbs., Regine thinks that she would look “too skinny” if she’d target that weight.  Instead, she decided to target 125 lbs.

Now, she’s trying to lose 15lbs. in a month, but she’s taking it easy.  She also admits to having a diet “cheat day,” which she said was necessary in order to “fool” her body into thinking that she has not changed her usual diet.

“Kasi ang hirap yung you’re trying to burn calories tapos you’re on a diet, ang hirap e, ang hirap pagsabayin.”

Regine is a host of GMA’s new showbiz magazine program H.O.T. TV, which will have its premiere telecast on August 5, replacing “Showbiz Central”.  She is joined by Jennylyn Mercado, Raymond Gutierrez and veteran comedian Roderick Paulate. It airs every Sunday after “Together Forever” on GMA-7.

Laser Dentistry in UAE

It's not easy to find the best dentists in town if you're living in the province. However, I've learned that most dentists improve their skills and services by studying abroad. I know a dentist in our area who have tried studying laser dentistry in UAE. With his skillful practice and friendliness with us, I've started to forget my fear of dentists. However, his family is planning to transfer in the metro.

I'm sure many of you agree with me that going to the dentist is scary. But, if your dentist knows the latest techniques in treating a patient with less pain and anxiety, you won't have second thoughts completing your annual check-up. What do you think?