Jul 28, 2011

Bluer Than Blue StyleBible My Style

I'm very choosy when it comes to my photos for display here. But since this is just for fun and blogging love, I just choose what I consider trendy. So, let's talk about the blouse I had in this photo. By the way, I've submitted this photo at Style Bible My Style section.

Style Bible My Style

That blue blouse I guess is designed for entertainment performance. It has lots of vintage decoration (usually beads) in it. Its long sleeve style is trendy. But, I still see it as Bluer Than Blue reflection. :)

Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen Blog Giveaway

Are you familiar with Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen blog? Marianne runs the blog with diligence and sincerity so that she decided to host a blog giveaway, A House of Harlow-esque Giveaway to give back to her lovely followers, including me :). I'm sure you will be excited of the prizes at stake! Just be a follower of her blog and you will have a chance to win an inspired necklace from the House of Harlow 1960 or a choice of colorful and trendy scarves.

Of course, this is my entry to the said giveaway. That's because I want to support Mar's blog, Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen. Also, she left an inspiring comment on my Fashion 21 Pressed Powder Review via Trendy Karen. I'm so grateful! The giveaway is still open until August 25, 2011 11:59pm and good for all readers, local and international. So, why not join now? :)

for more details.

Jul 26, 2011

Gold Dot Online Store

Style and Soul spearheaded a Giveaway in support of Gold Dot Online store. I've visited the said online store and I'm happy to know that it is ready to be launched. Trendy Karen invites everyone to visit Gold Dot. You will find a lot of trendy shoes that you will surely love.

Also, you are invited to join their giveaway. If you are a blogger, you may visit Gold Dot Happy Anniversary Giveaway. You still have time to join as it will end on August 6, 2011. What do you think? :)

I like the shoes pictured here.

Jul 25, 2011

Fashion 21 Pressed Powder Review

I've been using a certain pressed powder for years but lately I decided to use Fashion 21 pressed powder. I chose Natural color to make it blend with my skin. I'm impressed with the results since it gave a clean not-so brown and not-so white effect.

Remember my review on Fashion 21 Lip and Face Tint? I discovered there were many blog visitors who gave time reading it. Well, I don't use super expensive products for savings purposes. Fashion 21 products are affordable and perfect for my skin. The Fashion 21 Pressed Powder comes with a red lipstick that I really like.

fashion 21 pressed powder, Fashion 21 lipstick, accessories

Trendy Karen Won Glambox Airbrush Workshop

I'm so happy that I was one of the 30 participants to attend the Glambox Airbrush Workshop this coming Saturday at The Bulb Studio. I'm grateful to Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics with Askmewhats and Beautynomics for choosing me as one of the 30 lucky girls to attend the event for an afternoon of girl talk and all things makeup. I'm so excited! 

I've heard about Airbrush makeup technique via Fresh Minds Photography and I'm really interested to know more about it. That's why I readily participated in the contest to have a chance to attend the first ever GlamBox Airbrush Workshop. Luckily, Trendy Karen won. I'll post more about this after the event.

Glambox Airbrush Workshop

Thanks for dropping by! :)

Jul 24, 2011

Mount Sea Resorts Dining

Tickle your taste buds. Pamper yourselves with the savory menu at Mount Sea Resort, Hotel and Restaurant. Do you remember my post post about Mount Sea Resort, Hotel and Restaurant? I've talked about the resort as a whole. I was also remembering memorable times spent there. But now, I'll just introduce the food being served there.

Their specialties range from Filipino dishes to Chinatown classics at the dining room restaurant. That means they're serving their guests scrumptious Filipino and International cuisine in their exquisite restaurant. If you like grills, pica-pica, snacks and beverages, you will surely enjoy Fiesta del Amor dining experience. Mardicas is best for Family KTV Entertainment.

I like these words found in their website: "Sing your heart out while tickling your palate with our delightful baked talaba, baked tahong, fried calamares, carbonara, or sizzling sisig. Take your pick"! Visit Mount Sea Resorts, Hotel and Restaurant now for a memorable dining experience with family members and friends.

Photo Source: Mount Sea Resorts

Jul 23, 2011

Modest Fashion Clothing Purple Love

I would like to share this modest fashion clothing that I also shared via Style Bible. I call this as Purple Love. Obviously, I love purple especially when paired with white top. By the way, if you want to share your favorite modest fashion clothing, just leave comments in the comment section.

modest fashion clothing

I bought the skirt in a thrift store while looking for a nice long skirt. I've bought the white long sleeve blouse while shopping in a boutique last year. Lastly, I'm wearing my nine-year old shoes in this photo. Have a nice day! :)

Jul 21, 2011

Blog Proofreading For Busy Bloggers

Blogging is my passion. But I'm not a perfect blogger. I commit mistakes. In fact, I really get distracted once blogger dilemma takes the scene. Let me share with you this interesting website review.

Yes, it's true. I love reading blogs. I'm fond of blogging too.

Source: DKG.org

But I'm also mindful of this one.

Source: FunBrain.com
One day, I received this comment from another blogger.
Ouch! I really need to proofread what I write before post submission. I felt shame because of what happened albeit it was not intentional.

How about you? Are you a busy blogger who needs proofreading services? Meet Blog Proofreading website!

I'm really impressed with Blog Proofreading idea by Inwrite. It's a novel service for busy bloggers like me. I'm sure you're also looking forward to experience the value-packed services of BlogReading by Inwrite. Indeed, their editors meticulously checked my other blog to correct errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Also, their blog proofreading service is affordable. You can pay for Value Voucher starting from $49 which is good for three (3) months in order to save time and money. I like the color combination of their website template design and the informative content found in it. It's easy to navigate too.

Now, I can surely avoid these creatures. :)

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inWrite’s “Choose and Review” Blog Review Contest

Splize.com Is A Cool Change For Me

I used to sign up and be an enthusiastic member of different buy and sell websites. In short, I'm a social networking cum marketplace addict. I find friends and sell fashion accessories. Let's face it. There are many social networking sites with online marketplace feature out there. But, we simply need the most functional and useful site wherein building valuable connections with other people is possible. I won't name names but there are many websites that aren't giving me what I really need while taking advantage of the Internet. I want change.

Now, I got the chance to meet the most functional and useful site online. Are you familiar with Splize.com?

Photo Source: Splize

Lately, this has been my constant query while being with friends. If you don't mind logging out from your FB, Multiply or eBay account and have a glimpse of this video, you also want change. That's for sure. :)

I'm an avid fan of Splize nowadays. I've tried browsing the site and posted an offer after signing up for an account. There, you'll be amazed of its intelligent matching feature. When I posted a need for an apartment for rent, there's an automatic display of all offers or needs relating to real estate for rent or on sale. How cool is that? Not only that, you'll enjoy connecting with people! I'm really grateful for having the opportunity to connect with people, post my offers or needs and enjoy intelligent matching that's not found in any other marketplace and social networking sites.

Also, it's free to become a member of the said site. Sweet! So, you may connect with Trendy Karen as a friend if you're a reader of this blog and already a member of Splize.com.

Lastly, I love the simplicity and functionality of its design. The color combination of the website template reflects value, credibility and reliability. Truly, Splize.com is a cool change for me.

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Jul 19, 2011

Inwrite Blog Proofreading and Splize Network Presentation

One of the reasons behind my lack of posts lately is my blog events attendance. I'm so grateful that Mr. Joel of Inwrite invited me to attend the Inwrite Blog Proofreading and Splize Network presentation last Friday. I'm so impressed with blog proofreading service knowing that it's a novel idea. If you're a blogger and you're concerned of providing your increasing number of readers with quality content or blog posts, you will surely love Blog Proofreading service. I've talked about this via My Regency blog.

Now, let's talk about Splize. During the presentation, I was really excited to try the said social networking site because of its unique feature. Splize is different from other social networks and marketplace websites because it has intelligent matching feature. By the way, I'll share an interesting website review about Splize soon. Thanks for dropping by! :)

while waiting for other bloggers...

Thanks Inwrite for the photos. :)

Jul 17, 2011

Watercamp Resorts As One Of The Best Cavite Resorts

Yes, you're right. I've been writing about Watercamp Resorts last summer. It's not because such a nice place is located arms away from our place, it's also because it offers a lot of things to adventurers out there. As mentioned months ago, pool rental party is the best activity in the resort and it's good to bring your friends and as well as family members. Of all Cavite Resorts, Watercamp resorts boasts of pool rental party knowing that kids love the idea so much.

Remember the lazy river? I'm still excited to let my friends experience it. You'll surely love visiting again Watercamp resorts since they're now offering low entrance fees. The swimming hours is from 8am to 12 midnight. So cool!

Trendy Karen For Palawan Resorts

I've been very supportive to a lot of websites and my favorites include travel-related sites. Now, I'll not waste time and start sharing with you a website that offers help in your Palawan resorts tour needs. I'm sure you've heard a lot about Palawan resorts, like El Nido and Cuyo since these places are known across the world. In fact, you've been wanting to visit there. :) Well, just find reliable websites to help you in your research before travel time, if it's your first time to do so. Just a tip, you really have to research first before visiting a location or travel destination for the first time.

Going back to Palawan resorts website, you just have to send your travel queries using the Contact Us page. Or if you want, just be familiar of the places featured in the said site. It's up to you. I guess you'll be happy to learn some more by supporting other online pages of the same kind. Thanks! 

Jul 11, 2011

Cindy Crawford Daughter Kaia Photos

Yes, I know. I've posted about Cindy Crawford daughter Kaia before. See the former post here. I have even borrowed photos circulating online featuring such future catwalk queen, as they say. Many of my friends mentioned that she's so beautiful and her beauty is already noticeable at such a young age. She's even dubbed as the splitting image of her mother.

Photo Source: Daily Mail

 You may share news about her. Lately, Kaia was seen with her supermodel Mom at Los Angeles airport. Her noticeable confident strides was noted by onlookers and fans.

Jul 1, 2011

Style News Featuring The Duchess Of Cambridge

As usual I got hooked reading news via The Daily Mail. However, I'm more interested about this style news featuring the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton. As mentioned, she recycled favorite Reiss dress for Canada Day celebrations. Looking at the photos, there were millions of people who attended the event and many wants to have a glimpse of the newly-wed couple. Here's what Catherine Middleton style during the Canada Day celebrations.

Source of Photos: The Daily Mail

The hat is by Lock and Co's Sylvia Fletcher. It's
so nice. :)