Jul 1, 2011

Style News Featuring The Duchess Of Cambridge

As usual I got hooked reading news via The Daily Mail. However, I'm more interested about this style news featuring the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton. As mentioned, she recycled favorite Reiss dress for Canada Day celebrations. Looking at the photos, there were millions of people who attended the event and many wants to have a glimpse of the newly-wed couple. Here's what Catherine Middleton style during the Canada Day celebrations.

Source of Photos: The Daily Mail

The hat is by Lock and Co's Sylvia Fletcher. It's
so nice. :)

I like this photo of Catherine Middleton 
wearing purple dress. I love purple! :)

She's now dubbed as the Royal Recycler because she wore the same white Reiss dress that she had for her official engagement photo in November. Again, I really love the hat! Thanks for dropping by dear readers. :)

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