Sep 28, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Skintight Outfit For Bowling

No doubt, she's one of the most famous reality stars in Hollywood. She is also fast becoming a fashion icon with her impressive style and demeanor. But Kim Kardashian isn't perfect. She recently failed to wear the right attire for bowling, a sports which requires comfortable ensemble.

Kim Kardashian

Together with her equally famous family, Kim goes to Bowlmore Lanes for bowling fun. Wearing a skintight pants and a daring see-through top, she missed the fashion mark and went overboard. Still, we love Kim Kardashian's style because she looked stunning in her trademark makeup and nice features. What do you think?

Sep 23, 2011

The Significance Of My Blog Title Trendy Karen

When I was in my elementary years, I didn't know anything of the word "style" and so ignorant about the fashion world. I was like a weird, geeky and wide-reader kid who gets accustomed to her loads of books and reading materials. In fact, one of my grade school teachers (I won't name names here) was hesitant to cast me as part of the school-wide theater show Sleeping Beauty just because I look like a super skinny young girl with no sense of style. But the incident created a sudden spark in my mind - an innocent dream that one day I'll become a fun, fearless and knowledgeable fashionista.

Little by little, I grew tired of being less fortunate in life and has decided to become stylishly prudent in lifestyle and career goals. Since being a lawyer has been literally withheld by my ultimate confidante, God himself, I decided to go back to my first love - being a fierce writer. I said fierce because I was not reluctant to experience true-to-life heartbreaks and joy to prepare myself to become an author someday.

Enter my hot fashion pursuit. When blogging became a hit, I tried to incorporate my love of dressing up and styling. My ardent desire to embrace modest fashion clothing research and writing allowed me to find my dream job - as a fashion writer. I'm not yet an expert, but dreams to become one, and I will make sure that I can live up to the title of this blog, Trendy Karen.

Sep 14, 2011

The Recessionista Sisters Blog

If you're a fan of blogs with gardening, cooking, food and homemaking related topics, I would like to share with you, The Recessionista Sisters blog. My friend, Jane and I, would like to share our thoughts on homemaking and lifestyle - with much emphasis in anything about food and travel.

It's The Recessionista Sisters blogger Jane's 
birthday. Let's greet her!

Since today is Jane's birthday, I would like to take this opportunity to greet her a happy, happy birthday. Blogging is really useful to celebrate a friend's special day, right? Here in Trendy Karen blog, you are also welcome to share your thoughts on various topics like beauty, fashion, travel and celebrities.

Sep 12, 2011

Suri Cruise's Recent Unique Style

Our little fashionista strikes again with her distinctive look - a cute ensemble highlighted by her favorite shade of red lipstick and a pink bowler hat. Katie's little girl was also photographed running in her heeled shoes yesterday. For today, she chose to wear a colorful outfit and accessories for a day out in Manhattan.

Suri Cruise stepped out to enjoy the day in her "grown up" outfit. She wore a dark blue dress with interesting adornments like a red lipstick, a cute handbag, pink bowler hat, flat shoes and a trendy scarf. Later on the day, she was also spotted carrying a children's fashion magazine.

Sep 7, 2011

Trendy Karen Won Splize Blog Review Contest By Inwrite

If you remember receiving short messages from me asking your support for my entry in the Splize Blog Review Contest, you will surely be happy to know that my blog post was selected as the winner. This is a surprise for me, since my husband and I just prepared the piece in a short period of time. I asked his help to prepare the slide video we've posted at Youtube, Trendy Karen and and I wrote the blog post.

Joel from I Am Joey Boy, a fellow blogger from Inwrite informed me that I'm one of the winners of their two contests. Today, I've learned that they already deposited the prize in my PayPal account, which is a good thing since I'm planning to pay and secure another set of domains. I'm really, really grateful to Splize, Inwrite and Codelean for the chance to participate in the blog review contest. To all who supported my entry through Facebook likes, I'm also very thankful. Though I didn't win their blog review contest for Blog Reading, I'm still very happy to experience blogging and learning a lot.

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            Sep 6, 2011

            Juan Carlo The Caterer Food Tasting Event At One Esplanade Pasay

            Last Saturday, I was invited again by Juan Carlo The Caterer to experience One Esplanade food tasting event. It's not the usual activity that bloggers attend - this one is so relaxed, organized and memorable. I've had the chance to capture the freshest feelings of delighted guests while asking queries about the services of Juan Carlo The Caterer, especially the food.

            Speaking of food and refreshments, Juan Carlo The Caterer is an expert - you will have the chance to have a taste of their authentic dishes and enticing desserts. This time, I'll speak about my deepest joy of tasting their Angel Hair pasta with tasty sauce. Honestly, I've been thinking how they were able to cook such delicious food. I'm impressed!

            The delectable dishes and magnificent table settings of Juan Carlo The Caterer added to the easy breezy feeling while being there at One Esplanade. I'm sure guests enjoyed their presence in the event, just like the way I felt. 

            Visit Juan Carlo The Caterer's website for more details.

            Sep 5, 2011

            Katie Holmes's Cute Daughter Suri Goes To School

            Suri, the cute daughter of Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is one of my favorite fashionistas. Yes, she's so young but I like her love of fashion. I'm always impressed with her cute little dresses and trendy ensembles. Her celebrity mother, Katie Holmes was spotted wearing a droll-worthy outfit while picking her up in school.  Katie was also spotted carrying her daughter's cute piggy backpack for her.

            Little Suri Cruise looked adorable in her school dress and pigtails. She just started elementary education in a posh Beverly Hills school. Recently, Katie Holmes opens up with her relationship with Cruise. She said: "It will be five years in November and our relationship is great. My husband has made incredible movies that have impacted the world and therefore I'm a part of that now. I'm proud of it and it's OK."

            Sep 3, 2011

            My Thoughts On The Sting Of The Scorpion Address

            These days, I've been thinking on how to deal with a church colleague's behavior. I'm not feeling right on what she's doing and so it affected my church related duties. Maybe, for her, I'm just a 30-year-old woman who lacks the wisdom and knowledge she possesses, or maybe she doesn't like me. The tide of confusion and indifference surrounded me to the highest level because in the first place I was given the primary responsibility to fulfill my tasks.

            Enter The Sting Of The Scorpion address by Elder Patrick Kearon. Because of my latest predicament,  I became overly lazy and uninterested in doing my assignments. Later on, I learned to justify my actions and hate what my colleague is doing against me. But the message is clear: "When it comes to how we live the gospel, we must not respond with laziness or rebelliousness." In that sense, I must diligently strive to become what the Lord needs and wants me to be, despite the challenges that I've been facing lately. Yes, her behavior is like the sting of a scorpion that may devour me, but there are many positive ways to solve the problem. This powerful address,  The Sting Of The Scorpion, has inspired me to do the right thing and endure to the end.

            Sep 2, 2011

            Juan Carlo The Caterer's Food Tasting Event At Fernbrook Gardens Alabang

            When I entered the spacious entrance hall of Fernbrook Gardens, I thought I was a denizen of the Victorian era. There's no doubt the place is a dream wedding venue right at the heart of the magnificent islands of Asia. Impressed by the wedding venue, I've intended to dig deeper and marvel at the splendid view until I came across Juan Carlo The Caterer's food tasting event that was held in the enchanting place, Fernbrook Gardens.

            Trendy Karen's amazing readers will have a glimpse of the impressive catering services of Juan Carlo. Every now and then, I'll post interesting news about the premium food and catering institution. Honestly, I'm hooked with their Pandan Panacotta, the well-known Italian dessert, because of its distinctive flavor with the right sweetness. 

            Not only that, you will definitely love their presentation of the dessert, which is artfully cradled in a small cocktail glass.

            I really enjoyed my blogging stint with Juan Carlo The Caterer. In my next post, you'll know more of their services and menu. This is just an appetizer my dear readers, I intend to share more about the famed catering institution.

            Sep 1, 2011

            Elle Fanning Looked Dazzling In A Nautical Dress

            Elle, the doting sister of adorable Dakota Fanning makes waves in a nautical number. She is Marc Jacob's choice to model his latest fashion collection. Yesterday, the 13-year-old star flaunted her youthful aura as she was snapped leaving Studio City in California. She looked dazzling in a trendy dress that young fashionistas has been talking about.

            Elle donned a vintage-inspired sailor dress with brass buttons and red bows. She paired the short frock with black flat pumps, giving her an adorable and glowing look. With a nice navy cap perched on her blonde hair and simple black loafers as embellishments, the young star looked radiant and pretty.