Sep 2, 2011

Juan Carlo The Caterer's Food Tasting Event At Fernbrook Gardens Alabang

When I entered the spacious entrance hall of Fernbrook Gardens, I thought I was a denizen of the Victorian era. There's no doubt the place is a dream wedding venue right at the heart of the magnificent islands of Asia. Impressed by the wedding venue, I've intended to dig deeper and marvel at the splendid view until I came across Juan Carlo The Caterer's food tasting event that was held in the enchanting place, Fernbrook Gardens.

Trendy Karen's amazing readers will have a glimpse of the impressive catering services of Juan Carlo. Every now and then, I'll post interesting news about the premium food and catering institution. Honestly, I'm hooked with their Pandan Panacotta, the well-known Italian dessert, because of its distinctive flavor with the right sweetness. 

Not only that, you will definitely love their presentation of the dessert, which is artfully cradled in a small cocktail glass.

I really enjoyed my blogging stint with Juan Carlo The Caterer. In my next post, you'll know more of their services and menu. This is just an appetizer my dear readers, I intend to share more about the famed catering institution.