Sep 7, 2011

Trendy Karen Won Splize Blog Review Contest By Inwrite

If you remember receiving short messages from me asking your support for my entry in the Splize Blog Review Contest, you will surely be happy to know that my blog post was selected as the winner. This is a surprise for me, since my husband and I just prepared the piece in a short period of time. I asked his help to prepare the slide video we've posted at Youtube, Trendy Karen and and I wrote the blog post.

Joel from I Am Joey Boy, a fellow blogger from Inwrite informed me that I'm one of the winners of their two contests. Today, I've learned that they already deposited the prize in my PayPal account, which is a good thing since I'm planning to pay and secure another set of domains. I'm really, really grateful to Splize, Inwrite and Codelean for the chance to participate in the blog review contest. To all who supported my entry through Facebook likes, I'm also very thankful. Though I didn't win their blog review contest for Blog Reading, I'm still very happy to experience blogging and learning a lot.

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