Mar 2, 2011

Fashion 21 Lip and Cheek Tint Product Review

Fashion 21 Lip and Cheek Tint Product Review

This is the first time that I've written a beauty product review in this blog. So I've mixed feelings while writing the post. However, I just want to share my love of beauty products since I was a student. The idea of having my own lip and cheek tint dates back when I used to have lip and cheek tint from Avon. Now, I wanted to try another product of the same kind. I've visited the department store beauty section of the Robinson mall in our area lately and I've found Fashion 21 Lip and Cheek tint beauty product.

 packaging photo of the product

I like this product because the choices of colors is varied. Since I like red and pink hues, I opted this color of the product. Red lip and cheek tint is attractive. Before, I used to apply lavender lip and cheek tint from Avon beauty products line. This is easy to use and small wherein I can easily place in my purse. 

What I don't like of this product is that it's not highly-pigmented. The color doesn't stay for so long, like eight hours. That's why I'm always tempted to use a lipstick of the same color first and then apply the lip tint. Now, this is a fussy procedure which I don't like. 

Will I recommend this product? Yes. If you just want to add color when applying makeup, there's nothing wrong using Fashion 21 Lip and Cheek tint. It's handy and easy-to-use. 

I wanted to try other products of the Fashion 21 line, so I might have another product review soon. Since I'm very particular with comfort as I use the product, I'm happy to say that this product is safe on my Asian skin.

Here, I applied fashion 21 lip tint.

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