Mar 29, 2011

Cabalen Restaurant

Trendy Karen loves restaurant dining with hubby and sometimes with friends. Since I believe in saving money without sacrificing value and enjoyment, I'm not choosy when it comes to dining places. However, when I've learned that we're going to visit again Cabalen Restaurant to eat native Filipino food, I was really thrilled. I've dined in the said place when the Christmas Party of the company where I worked was held. That was a memorable experience.

Cabalen Restaurant. Cabalen Restaurant is an authentic Filipino food service restaurant. The place features food from Pampanga which is the home province of many best cooks in the country. The menu of the said restaurant also include native sausages and processed meat products that are not only delicious but also enticing to food lovers and cuisine bloggers like me.They serve the best desserts and snacks too. 

Here's my plate when I was there...

I like to go back there and enjoy their delicious food. Since the ambiance is nice and comfortable, friend and loved ones will surely enjoy eating in the said restaurant. In buffet style, I like having the freedom to choose my favorite food served there.

Also, here are the food enthusiasts and bloggers who wrote about the said restaurant in their blogs.

Since they have many branches found in major shopping malls in the metro, you'll many options for a place to dine with friends and loved ones. For me, Cabalen Restaurant is the best place to celebrate important occasions in life.

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Diane Gonzales said...

Thanks for sharing about Cabalen Restaurant. I had a wonderful experience in that place two weeks ago. In fact, I met a dentist who shared with me some useful information about my aching tooth. He was a graduate of a school that's part of International School for Laser Dentistry. The said school is basically a Sharjah Dental School.

Cheers! You've inspired me a lot.