Mar 30, 2011

Fashion Trends By Vogue

I'm really a fan of Vogue. Yes, it's true. I always check their web site for the latest fashion trends. Since this blog is tagged as Fashion Trends by trendy Karen, I always make sure that I'm aware of the latest news relating to fashion and beauty.

Let's check on the Vogue Guide, entitled Putting On The Ritz. Through the words of the editor,

"Fall’s woman is sophisticated, stylish, and imaginatively—even impractically at times—but always beautifully turned out. She no longer views accessories simply as investment pieces purchased to update her tried-and-true recession wardrobe. She’s ready to let loose and have fun again!" -from Vogue

My Thoughts. I've always read that women view accessories as investment items. However, I've known beautiful ladies who view accessories as weapons for an elegant and sophisticated display of beauty. That means having fun in wearing accessories and investing at the same time seems the perfect thing to do.

There are many categories to choose from, but let us choose the Fall 2011 Accessories Guide Velvet and Mixed Textures. Here's the pieces that you'll definitely love.

Photos from Vogue
Here, I like the bag. 

For me, the clutch bag is exotic and stylish.

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