Dec 29, 2011

Karenade Fashion | Celebrity Style » Kylie Jenner’s Stylish Ensemble

Karenade Fashion | Celebrity Style » Kylie Jenner’s Stylish Ensemble

Kylie Jenner donned the same dress that Taylor Swift wore in an event last October. The bow frock, which is a gold Contrarian dress is very stylish.

Dec 25, 2011

Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center

This post is dedicated to all medical practitioners who are planning to learn more about laser technology. Since we know the importance of continuing studies in the field of medicine, plans to enroll in an international school is a good start in achieving the best services for patients. After all, we gain knowledge of the latest technology by having continuous education.

For practicing dentists who are planning to study Laser Dentistry in UAE, Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center or SULTARC is the best choice. It is a well-known international school that offers a variety of medical courses. They also offer Advanced Dental Laser Course that is helpful for dentists. So if you have plans to study at SULTARC next year, then start planning now.

Dec 21, 2011

Watercamp Resorts in Cavite Promos and Packages for the Holidays

We're so excited for the upcoming holidays. Many of us are planning to spend time with their families and friends. Others are going shopping in their favorite malls. Some are preparing their menu for the "noche buena" and buying goods in the supermarket before the holiday rush comes in. But one of the most important part of the yuletide season is the celebration of Christmas in the most special way.

The people behind Watercamp Resorts in Cavite offer promos and packages fit for Christmas party. For reunions and family gatherings, you can spend time in the resort and enjoy the festive spirit with your loved ones. In case of a corporate bash, the organizer may choose holding the event in a resort. That would give an added security, comfort and happiness for the yuletide season.  

Nov 23, 2011

Surgical Laser Course At Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center

Laser surgery is a popular form of treatment in the field of medicine, including dentistry. Basically, it is a surgery using a laser to cut tissue instead of a scalpel. In that sense, it is one of the latest procedures used by doctors and dentists in treating patients. One of the essential benefits of laser surgery is that there's no spread of infections because there's no physical contact that is common in normal surgery.

In Surgical Laser Course At Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center, surgical laser courses are offered to practicing physicians and dentists, including laser dentistry in UAE. The objective of the course is to evaluate the swiftly growing use of lasers for laser lipolysis and to compare the use of the different wavelengths for laser lipolysis in terms of safety and efficacy. Since the best way to treat patients is to provide better services, physicians are encouraged to improve their knowledge in laser technology.

Nov 21, 2011

Watercamp Resorts in Cavite Promos and Packages

If you're an office administrator of an event coordinator, it is certain that you will be very busy for the coming holidays. Since Christmas and New Year is fast approaching, there will be choices of venues for the parties and gatherings. Just ask friends and relative first before embarking on decision-making mode. So, it is important to find the best places to enjoy the holidays.

Having a lively and interesting party in a resort is also one way of celebrating the Christmas season. You may scout beautiful places near the metro, just like Watercamp Resort in Cavite. If you need to cater for food, it might be useful to source it within the resort to save time and money. Of all Cavite Resorts, Watercamp Resort is known for their delectable menu and impressive service. What do you think?

Oct 23, 2011

Haunted Castle II Halloween Party 2011 At Mount Sea Resorts

The forthcoming Halloween celebration is obviously exciting with various activities in the metro. I was excited of preparing for our pet Enzo to participate the Halloween dog costume parade with other pet lovers. But what really attracts my attention is the latest activity prepared by Mount Sea Resorts - the Haunted Castle II Halloween Party 2011 - designed to entertain kids for the coming holidays.

During Halloween celebration, a lot of kids are excited for the costume parade and parties that they are going to attend. But it seems that Mount Sea Resorts are prepared to give kids the most wonderful celebration this year. For less than two hundred per child, the party is intended to allow children to display their creativity at the Halloween Costume show off. It will be conducted at the Veranda of the resort on October 29, 2011 at around 3:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon. The gathering is an exciting way to award kids with Special Gift Prizes who have displayed their creative costumes.

By the way, the package is inclusive of entrance for two companions, one kiddie meal, and one loot bag. So, what are you waiting for? Have fun at Mount Sea Resorts!

Oct 19, 2011

Watercamp Resorts In Cavite For Day Out With Friends

There are hundreds of resorts located in the province but one of my best choices is Watercamp Resorts in Cavite. It is the nearest venue from the subdivision where I live so I'm thinking to celebrate the weekend holidays in the area. If you are familiar with Cavitex, it is easy to reach the resort. From the expressway, going straight to Kawit, Cavite, and stopping by Panamitan is the perfect route.

Since I've never tried dining in the resort's restaurant, I'm planning to try their menu. Other activities include swimming and sightseeing. I'm excited to try their accommodation package since a friend of mine recommended it. I will enjoy their low season rates too. What about you? Do you have plans for the upcoming holidays?

SULTARC As International School For Dentistry Is A Good Choice

I'm aware that my dentist who lives within our place is not yet fully equipped with the latest development in the field of dentistry. When I had a treatment with the said dentist, I've asked him about Invisalign. He told me that he is not yet familiar with it. Later on, I looked around in his office and realized that he is also not using any laser-related equipment. That said, I realized that dentists must increase their knowledge of the industry they belong.

Keeping abreast with the latest technological development in the field of dentistry is a good decision. For dentists, it is their way of ensuring to their patients that they are sincere and serious with their practice of dentistry. In my case, I was thinking of exploring Invisalign treatment for my teeth. I have a friend who wants to try laser-related treatment. Hence, a dentist's attendance in an international school for dentistry like SULTARC for special training is important in today's fast-paced lifestyle.

Oct 14, 2011

Trendy Karen Favorites

This October, I would like to share my favorite products and my thoughts for this month. I've heard one co-church member who mentioned that "there's no such thing as an ideal man". When I pondered about the line, I came up my own version of the idea. "There's no ideal man in a relationship. The profound commitment to make your man a better person is ideal."

Going away with the more serious topic, let us talk about nail polish color. Recently, I've found a photo in my folder. It's a snap of one of my favorite nail polish colors. It has shades of violet, a color that I favored this year. Speaking of nail polish, I'm planning to try vivid colors on my nails, preferably hot pink or orange. Do you have any nice product that you can recommend?

Also, I would like to share this cute handbag, owned by a a friend. When I saw her carrying the chic fashion item, I readily asked her for a photo so I could share it with you.

Oct 6, 2011

Blog Award From Inwrite's Splize And Blog Reading

This is my 100th post in this blog, Trendy Karen, and I'm so lucky to focus the topic on winning blog awards. Three years ago, I started blogging with my husband's constant reaffirmation that I'll enjoy the hobby. I'm not really a full-time blogger that time since I have a day job in a writing company. Later on, I only blog when I feel bored and sometimes when inspired, and my favorite topic is of course, fashion. But when I realized that blogging is a way to build my new-found career, I discreetly studied the industry and molded myself to fit in. With that, I was able to find the job that I really love - fashion blogging.

I also participate in blogging contests and stayed as an active member of Nuffnang. When Joel of Inwrite invited me in the launching of their two amazing websites, Splize and Blog Proofreading, I've cheerfully participated the event and joined their Facebook Likes Contest and Blog Review Contests among other invited bloggers. Fortunately, I was able to bag the Best Blog Review For Splize website award with a $25 prize paid via Paypal and won two-time Facebook Likes for Blog Proofreading and Splize. Thanks to those who helped me in that great endeavor, especially to my supportive husband.

With Mr. Ole Ronberg, CEO of Codelean Inc.
during a brief visit in their office in Makati City
to claim my prizes...

Honestly, I had initially considered blogging as a hobby. But when I had a full grasp of the opportunity to blend it with my writing career, I've decided to love it for career development. Until now, I still found blogging as a fun-filled activity. It also paved the way to meet other people and learn from them. To Ms. Andria and Mr. Joel, thank you for the wonderful opportunity to enjoy blogging through Inwrite's launching event and contests.

Sep 28, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Skintight Outfit For Bowling

No doubt, she's one of the most famous reality stars in Hollywood. She is also fast becoming a fashion icon with her impressive style and demeanor. But Kim Kardashian isn't perfect. She recently failed to wear the right attire for bowling, a sports which requires comfortable ensemble.

Kim Kardashian

Together with her equally famous family, Kim goes to Bowlmore Lanes for bowling fun. Wearing a skintight pants and a daring see-through top, she missed the fashion mark and went overboard. Still, we love Kim Kardashian's style because she looked stunning in her trademark makeup and nice features. What do you think?

Sep 23, 2011

The Significance Of My Blog Title Trendy Karen

When I was in my elementary years, I didn't know anything of the word "style" and so ignorant about the fashion world. I was like a weird, geeky and wide-reader kid who gets accustomed to her loads of books and reading materials. In fact, one of my grade school teachers (I won't name names here) was hesitant to cast me as part of the school-wide theater show Sleeping Beauty just because I look like a super skinny young girl with no sense of style. But the incident created a sudden spark in my mind - an innocent dream that one day I'll become a fun, fearless and knowledgeable fashionista.

Little by little, I grew tired of being less fortunate in life and has decided to become stylishly prudent in lifestyle and career goals. Since being a lawyer has been literally withheld by my ultimate confidante, God himself, I decided to go back to my first love - being a fierce writer. I said fierce because I was not reluctant to experience true-to-life heartbreaks and joy to prepare myself to become an author someday.

Enter my hot fashion pursuit. When blogging became a hit, I tried to incorporate my love of dressing up and styling. My ardent desire to embrace modest fashion clothing research and writing allowed me to find my dream job - as a fashion writer. I'm not yet an expert, but dreams to become one, and I will make sure that I can live up to the title of this blog, Trendy Karen.

Sep 14, 2011

The Recessionista Sisters Blog

If you're a fan of blogs with gardening, cooking, food and homemaking related topics, I would like to share with you, The Recessionista Sisters blog. My friend, Jane and I, would like to share our thoughts on homemaking and lifestyle - with much emphasis in anything about food and travel.

It's The Recessionista Sisters blogger Jane's 
birthday. Let's greet her!

Since today is Jane's birthday, I would like to take this opportunity to greet her a happy, happy birthday. Blogging is really useful to celebrate a friend's special day, right? Here in Trendy Karen blog, you are also welcome to share your thoughts on various topics like beauty, fashion, travel and celebrities.

Sep 12, 2011

Suri Cruise's Recent Unique Style

Our little fashionista strikes again with her distinctive look - a cute ensemble highlighted by her favorite shade of red lipstick and a pink bowler hat. Katie's little girl was also photographed running in her heeled shoes yesterday. For today, she chose to wear a colorful outfit and accessories for a day out in Manhattan.

Suri Cruise stepped out to enjoy the day in her "grown up" outfit. She wore a dark blue dress with interesting adornments like a red lipstick, a cute handbag, pink bowler hat, flat shoes and a trendy scarf. Later on the day, she was also spotted carrying a children's fashion magazine.

Sep 7, 2011

Trendy Karen Won Splize Blog Review Contest By Inwrite

If you remember receiving short messages from me asking your support for my entry in the Splize Blog Review Contest, you will surely be happy to know that my blog post was selected as the winner. This is a surprise for me, since my husband and I just prepared the piece in a short period of time. I asked his help to prepare the slide video we've posted at Youtube, Trendy Karen and and I wrote the blog post.

Joel from I Am Joey Boy, a fellow blogger from Inwrite informed me that I'm one of the winners of their two contests. Today, I've learned that they already deposited the prize in my PayPal account, which is a good thing since I'm planning to pay and secure another set of domains. I'm really, really grateful to Splize, Inwrite and Codelean for the chance to participate in the blog review contest. To all who supported my entry through Facebook likes, I'm also very thankful. Though I didn't win their blog review contest for Blog Reading, I'm still very happy to experience blogging and learning a lot.

Why YOU Should Enter: The World Media Awards

There are a lot of excellent bloggers and publishers doing great work, and those who stand out deserve to have their work recognized, connect with each other, and see their readerships grow. That’s why the World Media Awards exist- to recognize and reward great contributions to media from bloggers and publishers.

In my own career, I’ve learned and benefited so much from others that I wanted to help establish some way to give back to an industry I love show appreciation to the up-and-coming leaders. The World Media Awards will culminate in a one day event in San Francisco that will celebrate the best in blogging, forums, publishing and media from around the world. 

So if you are a world class blogger, why should you enter?
1. Get Recognized- You Deserve It !

    You put a lot of effort into making your blog amazing. You understand it and your readers know it. The World Media Awards is a way for you to get authoritative recognition from other bloggers and industry experts. That recognition will help you grow your readership, make new collaborative connections, and hopefully have a few warm fuzzy moments that make all the late nights even more worthwhile.
    2. Meet Other Bloggers Who Care

      Blogging, forums and most other online media is about conversation and interaction, but sometimes it’s easy to end up trying to hide away behind a screen in your office or home all alone. Meeting other bloggers and publishers keeps the fire lit and the conversation going. When you enter the World Media Awards, you’ll be listed alongside other bloggers and publishers who put the same level of delight, attention and work into making their blog great.
      3. Expose Yourself to New Partners

        If your blog or forum is part of your company, being part of the World Media Awards will increase your exposure by putting your name in front of numerous visitors to our site and the award ceremony. That means you can find out who else is doing very good work, strut your own stuff, and expand your network of contacts and collaborators.
        4. Make Yourself Irresistible to Clients

          What helps your chances at winning that next pitch more than growing your network? Telling that network that you just won a World Media Award. Winning an award shines a light on your success, and it serves as an example of the commitment, engagement and exacting standards you apply to your work.
          5. Be Part of the Beginning of Something Big

            Because 2012 is the first year for these awards, you have the one-time opportunity to be the inaugural winner and set the standard for the World Media Awards in your category. Getting in on the ground floor of these awards will open opportunities for you as a blogger and a publisher.

            The bottom line is, the World Media Awards will shine a spotlight on the year’s most prosperous bloggers and publishers, and on the organizations that serve and interact with them.

            Now is your chance to be one of them.

            The sponsors include Growmap, Pace Lattin, VigLink and Trancos.
            World Media Award judges include Steve Hall, Sarah Austin, Chang Kim, Julie Wohlberg, Pierre Zarokian, Ivka Adam, Cheryl Contee, Krystyl Baldwin, Adrian Harris, Jeremy Wright, Rob Bloggeries, Dave Duarte, Tanya Alvarez, Dana Oshiro, Tom Foremski, and Judith Lewis. hashtag #wmads on Twitter.
            Media partners include Adrants, Bloggeries, MediaVision, The Affiliate Marketing Awards, Read Write Web, My Blog Guest, Web Traffic Control and FeedBlitz.

            Murray Newlands is author of How to Make a Blog Book and Online Marketing; a User Guide. He is also founder of the Affiliate Marketing Awards. Born in the UK, he now spends his time in San Francisco and New York. Murray works for Audience Mindshare and consults for Trancos Ins as well as being an advisor for VigLink. Actually he is working on his new book: The Email Marketing Book.

            Sep 6, 2011

            Juan Carlo The Caterer Food Tasting Event At One Esplanade Pasay

            Last Saturday, I was invited again by Juan Carlo The Caterer to experience One Esplanade food tasting event. It's not the usual activity that bloggers attend - this one is so relaxed, organized and memorable. I've had the chance to capture the freshest feelings of delighted guests while asking queries about the services of Juan Carlo The Caterer, especially the food.

            Speaking of food and refreshments, Juan Carlo The Caterer is an expert - you will have the chance to have a taste of their authentic dishes and enticing desserts. This time, I'll speak about my deepest joy of tasting their Angel Hair pasta with tasty sauce. Honestly, I've been thinking how they were able to cook such delicious food. I'm impressed!

            The delectable dishes and magnificent table settings of Juan Carlo The Caterer added to the easy breezy feeling while being there at One Esplanade. I'm sure guests enjoyed their presence in the event, just like the way I felt. 

            Visit Juan Carlo The Caterer's website for more details.

            Sep 5, 2011

            Katie Holmes's Cute Daughter Suri Goes To School

            Suri, the cute daughter of Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is one of my favorite fashionistas. Yes, she's so young but I like her love of fashion. I'm always impressed with her cute little dresses and trendy ensembles. Her celebrity mother, Katie Holmes was spotted wearing a droll-worthy outfit while picking her up in school.  Katie was also spotted carrying her daughter's cute piggy backpack for her.

            Little Suri Cruise looked adorable in her school dress and pigtails. She just started elementary education in a posh Beverly Hills school. Recently, Katie Holmes opens up with her relationship with Cruise. She said: "It will be five years in November and our relationship is great. My husband has made incredible movies that have impacted the world and therefore I'm a part of that now. I'm proud of it and it's OK."

            Sep 3, 2011

            My Thoughts On The Sting Of The Scorpion Address

            These days, I've been thinking on how to deal with a church colleague's behavior. I'm not feeling right on what she's doing and so it affected my church related duties. Maybe, for her, I'm just a 30-year-old woman who lacks the wisdom and knowledge she possesses, or maybe she doesn't like me. The tide of confusion and indifference surrounded me to the highest level because in the first place I was given the primary responsibility to fulfill my tasks.

            Enter The Sting Of The Scorpion address by Elder Patrick Kearon. Because of my latest predicament,  I became overly lazy and uninterested in doing my assignments. Later on, I learned to justify my actions and hate what my colleague is doing against me. But the message is clear: "When it comes to how we live the gospel, we must not respond with laziness or rebelliousness." In that sense, I must diligently strive to become what the Lord needs and wants me to be, despite the challenges that I've been facing lately. Yes, her behavior is like the sting of a scorpion that may devour me, but there are many positive ways to solve the problem. This powerful address,  The Sting Of The Scorpion, has inspired me to do the right thing and endure to the end.

            Sep 2, 2011

            Juan Carlo The Caterer's Food Tasting Event At Fernbrook Gardens Alabang

            When I entered the spacious entrance hall of Fernbrook Gardens, I thought I was a denizen of the Victorian era. There's no doubt the place is a dream wedding venue right at the heart of the magnificent islands of Asia. Impressed by the wedding venue, I've intended to dig deeper and marvel at the splendid view until I came across Juan Carlo The Caterer's food tasting event that was held in the enchanting place, Fernbrook Gardens.

            Trendy Karen's amazing readers will have a glimpse of the impressive catering services of Juan Carlo. Every now and then, I'll post interesting news about the premium food and catering institution. Honestly, I'm hooked with their Pandan Panacotta, the well-known Italian dessert, because of its distinctive flavor with the right sweetness. 

            Not only that, you will definitely love their presentation of the dessert, which is artfully cradled in a small cocktail glass.

            I really enjoyed my blogging stint with Juan Carlo The Caterer. In my next post, you'll know more of their services and menu. This is just an appetizer my dear readers, I intend to share more about the famed catering institution.

            Sep 1, 2011

            Elle Fanning Looked Dazzling In A Nautical Dress

            Elle, the doting sister of adorable Dakota Fanning makes waves in a nautical number. She is Marc Jacob's choice to model his latest fashion collection. Yesterday, the 13-year-old star flaunted her youthful aura as she was snapped leaving Studio City in California. She looked dazzling in a trendy dress that young fashionistas has been talking about.

            Elle donned a vintage-inspired sailor dress with brass buttons and red bows. She paired the short frock with black flat pumps, giving her an adorable and glowing look. With a nice navy cap perched on her blonde hair and simple black loafers as embellishments, the young star looked radiant and pretty.

            Aug 28, 2011

            Yes It Is True, There Is No Secret SEO Ingredient

            I'm not a big time member of the SEO community. In fact, I took for granted many opportunities to develop my online marketing skills. I prefer writing articles and blog posts despite the reality that SEO and content writing goes hand in hand. I should make the two work together not in a grand fancy but in simple terms. Do you know what I mean? Online optimization is not really difficult, you just have to stick to the basics and implement. If I'm not mistaken, one of the tools of online marketing is - of course, patience.

            Joshua of Marketing Pilgrim gave an insightful article about the truth that there's no secret search engine optimization ingredient. If you're able to have a passionate grasp of its basics and able to withstand the monotonous set of work it entails, then you'll be successful. As I've said, I don't earn millions out of the skill but I really enjoyed the whole process. Now you already know that I love new ideas (SEO-related skills, for instance) and great lessons, online and offline. I'm aware that it's good to improve one's skills from time to time. What do you think?

            Aug 26, 2011

            Mountsea Resorts In Cavite Packages

            It's undeniable that people often enjoy weekend getaways - intended to relax from the super busy weekdays. These days, it's a challenge to find the best place to relax, thanks to the latest technological development. It's now easy to spot the best weekend getaway location. Mountsea Resorts in Cavite is not new to us. Many bloggers talk about its amazing architectural design as a resort, including the swimming pools they have for their guests. One more thing, Mountsea Resorts in Cavite is very accessible. Located in Rosario, Cavite, you can just opt for the Cavitex, the expressway that easily connects the beautiful province to the metro.

            Not only that, the resorts offers a variety of packages for their guests. They offer awesome packages like waves and weddings, kiddie parties, debut party package and baptismal party. I know that most of you were informed that their packages are value-packed, ultra-enjoyable and perfect for carving memorable occasions. If you want a memorable festive experience, Mountsea Resorts is the perfect choice since their services are not only in utmost quality, they also offer affordable packages. So, visit their website now for more information. 

            Mountsea Resorts swimming pool

            A Bit Of Fashion, Travel and Calmness

            It's been so long that I've posted a personal post here, something that talks about my activities, feelings or emotions. Basically, I don't intend to share some of my whereabouts, but I'm really excited about my new line of passion - fashion writing. I'm really fond of fashion-related ideas, photos and news so it's expected that I'll have this skill. I'm not a perfect writer, only passionate and daring, that's why I still managed to improve my craft.

            I also write about travel because I love visiting new places. During holidays, I visit tourist spots with my husband. I'm really excited to be on the road with people who love to rent a vehicle for a travel escapade and take advantage of the remarkable packages offered by ManilaBus Rentals Philippines
            nowadays. It's really worth my time.

            Going back to fashion, I have also a little concern, fashion is a bit expensive. But I'm inspired with fashion bloggers and their statements that it's good to be a fashionista-on-a-budget. I've known many bloggers who wear thrifted items - mostly are ultra fashionable and chic. I've also learned from them that haggling is fine, as long as good timing is the tool. 

            How about you? Are you a bloggers who loves anything related to fashion? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

            Aug 24, 2011

            Thoughts On Watercamp Resort

            Summer has gone and the rainy season is here. But of course, we know that it's still exciting to stay in a resort once in a while. That said, I came to realize that I still have to enroll myself in the VIP offers of Watercamp Resorts in Cavite. I have mentioned before that I developed this expensive habit of dreaming a resort vacation, may it be exotic or not. I love staying in a captivating resort, by the way. Now that it's time to take a break, Watercamp Resorts in Cavite is my top choice because it's near our place.

            I want hours and hours of pool swimming, with friends and family members, so the resort is the perfect place to indulge my travel escapades. I've read in a blogger's review before: "Of all Cavite resorts, Watercamp Resorts is a fun place to swim ans dine with loved ones", and I'm really impressed with the idea. Since Cavite is just minutes away from the metro, with Cavitex being in operation, then the resort is really accessible.

             Photo Source: Watercamp Resorts

            Aug 23, 2011

            Getting Married In Tagaytay With Exciting Photo And Video Services

            If you have been to Tagaytay, you will agree with me that the place is heaven on earth -at least for romantic couples. Being dubbed as the best wedding venue, Tagaytay holds promises that you'll never regret chasing for. Think of the exciting blue sky in its midst, the beautiful landscape of nature's beauty and the amazing deals found only in that dreamy location. Then, for brides and grooms, including their families and guests can capture each moment and keep the memories alive for years - through the exciting photo and video services of Fresh Minds Photography. Now, we call that getting married in Tagaytay with a sweet taste of happiness, the opportunity to embellish life's freshest emotions.

            So, you're invited to visit Fresh Mind Photography online haven, their website, to have a glimpse of their amazing services to complete your hunt of getting married in Tagaytay with exciting photo and video services. Also, you will have a chance to opt for a makeup package they've been giving to a lot of blushing brides in a reasonable price. Have you heard about Airbrush makeup? Well, they have it too. They're always ready to get in touch with you and make the special day of your life, your wedding in Tagaytay or elsewhere, totally amazing. Celebrate life, my dear friends. :)

            Photo Source: Fresh Minds Photography

            Aug 22, 2011

            Secrets Of The Stars, Beauty Rituals That Hollywood Stars Desired To Stay Young

            We have been talking about cute and trendy ensembles that celebrities often flaunt off and on red carpet. But now we will momentarily shift the focus and talk about the latest fad in Hollywood today – bizarre beauty rituals of the stars for them to look and feel young. 

            First off, Dracula Facelift became illustrious these days. It’s a Platelet Rich Plasma facial in which vials of blood are drawn from the willing victim, which are spun around in a unique device. The blood is then re-injected to boost natural production of collagen to improve the skin’s structure. The statuesque beauty, Angelina Jolie, is a famous fan of Dracula Facelift.

            Aug 9, 2011

            American Idol Beauty Pia Toscano Seductive Look

            Honestly, I haven't watched her sing solo via American Idol but I like her beauty. Seeing Pia Toscano encased in a knitted top for a music video made me remember the last season's American Idol show. She's having the right exposure as her debut single entitled This Time was unveiled today. But Pia Toscano's fans noticed the seductive dress she wore in the video making her look more sultry, captivating and talented singer.

            Pia Toscano in her This Time debut single video    

            Obviously, the video backdrop was in a beach so it's just trendy for her to wear long-sleeved white top and short shorts. The beach babe Pia will surely remain a famous American Idol with all the opportunities she's enjoying despite being voted out early last season.

            Aug 8, 2011

            Here Comes My Favorite Daemul Or Big Thing Korean Drama

            Since I'm an avid fan of Ko Hyun Jung, I'm so excited that Big Thing is already shown in local television. When this Korean Drama became a huge hit last year, I'm one of those who are in a hurry looking for its videos in Youtube. I remember watching its first few episodes in a Spanish language. Luckily, I can understand a little Spanish so it was not hard to feel Maureen's (Ko Hyun Jung's character here) acting.

            I like Ko Hyun Jung's outfits shown in Big Thing. Simple or not, I like the way she carry her style especially when she played as the Korean president. Being a former beauty queen, she knows what viewers want when it comes to fashion. In fact, she looks good in a summery ensemble and a pair of black boots that she donned in one scene.

            Aug 7, 2011

            Catwoman Anne Hathaway Photos

            Bloggers share photos of Catwoman Anne Hathaway showing her top condition while filming The Dark Knight Rises. It seems that she wants to be the sexiest Catwoman ever as reports mentioned that she took regular workout to achieve a good shape for the role.

            Many people call her Catwoman Anne Hathaway since many noticed her enthusiastic side while filming for the movie The Dark  Knight Rises. I'm sure this film will be a hit next year. Now, there's a release of the first official photo of Anne as catwoman in the The Dark Knight Rises.

            Anne Hathaway as catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises

            Photo Source: Daily Mail

            Aug 2, 2011

            Envelope Clutches Fashion

            Yes. The simple setting of an envelope was the latest pattern of today's bags. It's not hard to believe that envelope clutches can be yours nowadays. Many bloggers noticed Kim Kardashian carrying an envelope bag  in different size and color. Your love letters long time ago can now be saved in a high-tech cellular phone signed sealed and delivered inside a fashionable clutch purse. Yes, that's possible.

            envelope clutches

            Well, if you remember the traditional letters via postage, bring on the statement in your style nowadays. I find the design inspiration very amusing because I remember the days when I'm an active pen pal letter sender. Also, I remember Kate Spade designs when I see these colorful envelope clutches. Personally, I would love to own over-sized envelope purses. How about you?

            Pasta Love At Mario's Kitchen

            First and foremost, I would like to thank all my friends who supported my entries to the BlogReading and Splize contests. I'm really thrilled every time a friend spends time to support my blog posts via Facebook "Like". I'm inspired to write about Pasta Love at Mario's Kitchen because of the past bloggers event with Inwrite at the said place. Also, I've just watched Spoon this morning and they featured Pasta Ysabel. How inspiring! So, here's what I had tried at Mario's Kitchen in Makati.

            beef lasagna

            The photo above shows beef lasagna, my favorite pasta recipe. It isn't too spicy and very delicious. The bread neutralizes the taste of the pasta flavor. Since I love eating beef, it's perfect for me. Indeed, I'm a pasta lover. If you want to have a taste of Mario's Kitchen menu, visit the cafe at Palanca St., Makati City. They said their specialty is Spanish Food. So, expect delicious paella, lengua and callos there. 

            Glambox Airbrush Workshop Trendy Karen Report

            As mentioned before, I've won the Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics contest last, last week. That's the reason I was invited to attend the first ever Glambox Airbrush Workshop last Saturday with Nikki ( and Sophie ( as fabulous instructors. I'm so happy to receive a fashion magazine and key chain holder as welcome gifts.

            fashion magazine and key chain holder

            Since I was so busy listening to the instructors, I forgot to take photos of the snacks to complete this report. However, I really enjoyed what they served that fun-filled afternoon. Here's the Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics products.

            Aug 1, 2011

            Vera Wang For Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress Confirmed

            When I visited Stylist to find amazing fashion stories, I learned that it's confirmed that Vera Wang is the designer of Kim Kardashian's wedding dress. The famous reality TV star and model kept the identity of her wedding dress designer a secret, just like Kate Middleton. But now, top bloggers talk about Vera Wang as the chosen designer of the wedding gown of Kim Kardashian for her nuptials to Kris Humphries this coming August 20.

            Kim Kardashian and Vera Wang

            I wasn't surprised that Kim chose Vera Wang as the designer because I've read new about her visiting the latter's shop in New York last June. It's not surprising that the said designer is a favorite of many celebrities including Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston. 

            Florence Brudenell-Bruce Style

            I have a new favorite, Florence Brudenell-Bruce. Honestly, I've heard about her when rumors about Prince William dating this beauty hits online magazines. I did a little research about her just to know her style and fashion sense. Well, she used to wear laid-back boho look. But it was in 2009 that Florence Brudenell-Bruce admitted aligning her style through the seasons and of her mood.

            Florence Brudenell-Bruce

            Many top fashion bloggers mention about her, especially her latest closeness with the young Prince Harry. She is also a former Bollywood actress with a budding career as a model. During her entire modelling career, she had campaigned for different brands like Brora, La Senza, Knickerbox and Avon. Florence Brudenell-Bruce also appeared in the pages of Tatler and Vogue magazines.

            Jul 28, 2011

            Bluer Than Blue StyleBible My Style

            I'm very choosy when it comes to my photos for display here. But since this is just for fun and blogging love, I just choose what I consider trendy. So, let's talk about the blouse I had in this photo. By the way, I've submitted this photo at Style Bible My Style section.

            Style Bible My Style

            That blue blouse I guess is designed for entertainment performance. It has lots of vintage decoration (usually beads) in it. Its long sleeve style is trendy. But, I still see it as Bluer Than Blue reflection. :)

            Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen Blog Giveaway

            Are you familiar with Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen blog? Marianne runs the blog with diligence and sincerity so that she decided to host a blog giveaway, A House of Harlow-esque Giveaway to give back to her lovely followers, including me :). I'm sure you will be excited of the prizes at stake! Just be a follower of her blog and you will have a chance to win an inspired necklace from the House of Harlow 1960 or a choice of colorful and trendy scarves.

            Of course, this is my entry to the said giveaway. That's because I want to support Mar's blog, Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen. Also, she left an inspiring comment on my Fashion 21 Pressed Powder Review via Trendy Karen. I'm so grateful! The giveaway is still open until August 25, 2011 11:59pm and good for all readers, local and international. So, why not join now? :)

            for more details.

            Jul 26, 2011

            Gold Dot Online Store

            Style and Soul spearheaded a Giveaway in support of Gold Dot Online store. I've visited the said online store and I'm happy to know that it is ready to be launched. Trendy Karen invites everyone to visit Gold Dot. You will find a lot of trendy shoes that you will surely love.

            Also, you are invited to join their giveaway. If you are a blogger, you may visit Gold Dot Happy Anniversary Giveaway. You still have time to join as it will end on August 6, 2011. What do you think? :)

            I like the shoes pictured here.

            Jul 25, 2011

            Fashion 21 Pressed Powder Review

            I've been using a certain pressed powder for years but lately I decided to use Fashion 21 pressed powder. I chose Natural color to make it blend with my skin. I'm impressed with the results since it gave a clean not-so brown and not-so white effect.

            Remember my review on Fashion 21 Lip and Face Tint? I discovered there were many blog visitors who gave time reading it. Well, I don't use super expensive products for savings purposes. Fashion 21 products are affordable and perfect for my skin. The Fashion 21 Pressed Powder comes with a red lipstick that I really like.

            fashion 21 pressed powder, Fashion 21 lipstick, accessories

            Trendy Karen Won Glambox Airbrush Workshop

            I'm so happy that I was one of the 30 participants to attend the Glambox Airbrush Workshop this coming Saturday at The Bulb Studio. I'm grateful to Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics with Askmewhats and Beautynomics for choosing me as one of the 30 lucky girls to attend the event for an afternoon of girl talk and all things makeup. I'm so excited! 

            I've heard about Airbrush makeup technique via Fresh Minds Photography and I'm really interested to know more about it. That's why I readily participated in the contest to have a chance to attend the first ever GlamBox Airbrush Workshop. Luckily, Trendy Karen won. I'll post more about this after the event.

            Glambox Airbrush Workshop

            Thanks for dropping by! :)

            Jul 24, 2011

            Mount Sea Resorts Dining

            Tickle your taste buds. Pamper yourselves with the savory menu at Mount Sea Resort, Hotel and Restaurant. Do you remember my post post about Mount Sea Resort, Hotel and Restaurant? I've talked about the resort as a whole. I was also remembering memorable times spent there. But now, I'll just introduce the food being served there.

            Their specialties range from Filipino dishes to Chinatown classics at the dining room restaurant. That means they're serving their guests scrumptious Filipino and International cuisine in their exquisite restaurant. If you like grills, pica-pica, snacks and beverages, you will surely enjoy Fiesta del Amor dining experience. Mardicas is best for Family KTV Entertainment.

            I like these words found in their website: "Sing your heart out while tickling your palate with our delightful baked talaba, baked tahong, fried calamares, carbonara, or sizzling sisig. Take your pick"! Visit Mount Sea Resorts, Hotel and Restaurant now for a memorable dining experience with family members and friends.

            Photo Source: Mount Sea Resorts

            Jul 23, 2011

            Modest Fashion Clothing Purple Love

            I would like to share this modest fashion clothing that I also shared via Style Bible. I call this as Purple Love. Obviously, I love purple especially when paired with white top. By the way, if you want to share your favorite modest fashion clothing, just leave comments in the comment section.

            modest fashion clothing

            I bought the skirt in a thrift store while looking for a nice long skirt. I've bought the white long sleeve blouse while shopping in a boutique last year. Lastly, I'm wearing my nine-year old shoes in this photo. Have a nice day! :)

            Jul 21, 2011

            Blog Proofreading For Busy Bloggers

            Blogging is my passion. But I'm not a perfect blogger. I commit mistakes. In fact, I really get distracted once blogger dilemma takes the scene. Let me share with you this interesting website review.

            Yes, it's true. I love reading blogs. I'm fond of blogging too.


            But I'm also mindful of this one.

            One day, I received this comment from another blogger.
            Ouch! I really need to proofread what I write before post submission. I felt shame because of what happened albeit it was not intentional.

            How about you? Are you a busy blogger who needs proofreading services? Meet Blog Proofreading website!

            I'm really impressed with Blog Proofreading idea by Inwrite. It's a novel service for busy bloggers like me. I'm sure you're also looking forward to experience the value-packed services of BlogReading by Inwrite. Indeed, their editors meticulously checked my other blog to correct errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Also, their blog proofreading service is affordable. You can pay for Value Voucher starting from $49 which is good for three (3) months in order to save time and money. I like the color combination of their website template design and the informative content found in it. It's easy to navigate too.

            Now, I can surely avoid these creatures. :)

            This is an entry to
            inWrite’s “Choose and Review” Blog Review Contest