Oct 6, 2011

Blog Award From Inwrite's Splize And Blog Reading

This is my 100th post in this blog, Trendy Karen, and I'm so lucky to focus the topic on winning blog awards. Three years ago, I started blogging with my husband's constant reaffirmation that I'll enjoy the hobby. I'm not really a full-time blogger that time since I have a day job in a writing company. Later on, I only blog when I feel bored and sometimes when inspired, and my favorite topic is of course, fashion. But when I realized that blogging is a way to build my new-found career, I discreetly studied the industry and molded myself to fit in. With that, I was able to find the job that I really love - fashion blogging.

I also participate in blogging contests and stayed as an active member of Nuffnang. When Joel of Inwrite invited me in the launching of their two amazing websites, Splize and Blog Proofreading, I've cheerfully participated the event and joined their Facebook Likes Contest and Blog Review Contests among other invited bloggers. Fortunately, I was able to bag the Best Blog Review For Splize website award with a $25 prize paid via Paypal and won two-time Facebook Likes for Blog Proofreading and Splize. Thanks to those who helped me in that great endeavor, especially to my supportive husband.

With Mr. Ole Ronberg, CEO of Codelean Inc.
during a brief visit in their office in Makati City
to claim my prizes...

Honestly, I had initially considered blogging as a hobby. But when I had a full grasp of the opportunity to blend it with my writing career, I've decided to love it for career development. Until now, I still found blogging as a fun-filled activity. It also paved the way to meet other people and learn from them. To Ms. Andria and Mr. Joel, thank you for the wonderful opportunity to enjoy blogging through Inwrite's launching event and contests.

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