Oct 14, 2011

Trendy Karen Favorites

This October, I would like to share my favorite products and my thoughts for this month. I've heard one co-church member who mentioned that "there's no such thing as an ideal man". When I pondered about the line, I came up my own version of the idea. "There's no ideal man in a relationship. The profound commitment to make your man a better person is ideal."

Going away with the more serious topic, let us talk about nail polish color. Recently, I've found a photo in my folder. It's a snap of one of my favorite nail polish colors. It has shades of violet, a color that I favored this year. Speaking of nail polish, I'm planning to try vivid colors on my nails, preferably hot pink or orange. Do you have any nice product that you can recommend?

Also, I would like to share this cute handbag, owned by a a friend. When I saw her carrying the chic fashion item, I readily asked her for a photo so I could share it with you.

1 comment:

Keachy said...

I like the handbag because of its native design and materials. It is possible to find it in an shopping ads portal, Philippines like Cavite Deals Online? I'm really interested to know since my best friend's birthday is fast approaching. I'll give her a bag as a birthday gift.