Jul 24, 2011

Mount Sea Resorts Dining

Tickle your taste buds. Pamper yourselves with the savory menu at Mount Sea Resort, Hotel and Restaurant. Do you remember my post post about Mount Sea Resort, Hotel and Restaurant? I've talked about the resort as a whole. I was also remembering memorable times spent there. But now, I'll just introduce the food being served there.

Their specialties range from Filipino dishes to Chinatown classics at the dining room restaurant. That means they're serving their guests scrumptious Filipino and International cuisine in their exquisite restaurant. If you like grills, pica-pica, snacks and beverages, you will surely enjoy Fiesta del Amor dining experience. Mardicas is best for Family KTV Entertainment.

I like these words found in their website: "Sing your heart out while tickling your palate with our delightful baked talaba, baked tahong, fried calamares, carbonara, or sizzling sisig. Take your pick"! Visit Mount Sea Resorts, Hotel and Restaurant now for a memorable dining experience with family members and friends.

Photo Source: Mount Sea Resorts


Keachy said...

I'm so grateful that you've posted about Mount Sea Resort in Cavite. I'm one of the avid fans of the popular resort. I like to attend their events and other amazing activities. I also watch out for their promos every month.

Of all Cavite resorts, Mount Sea Resort in Cavite has given me unforgettable memories. We had our first family reunion in the resort. It was a remarkable experience, especially the pool party that my Uncle organized for the kids.

Keachy said...

Thank you for sharing about Mount Sea Resort in Cavite. Recently, the management of the resort offered Acoustic Night event at The Dining. Have you heard about it?

Of all Cavite resorts, Mount Sea is one of my favorite tourist spot. The place is superb, the staff is amazing and the accommodation is world-class.

Keachy said...

Many Cavite resorts have showed off amazing travel services these days. One of the most popular resorts in Cavite is Mount Sea.

As a Resort in Cavite, Mount Sea offers chic accomodation, delicious food and remarkable entertainment.