Jul 19, 2011

Inwrite Blog Proofreading and Splize Network Presentation

One of the reasons behind my lack of posts lately is my blog events attendance. I'm so grateful that Mr. Joel of Inwrite invited me to attend the Inwrite Blog Proofreading and Splize Network presentation last Friday. I'm so impressed with blog proofreading service knowing that it's a novel idea. If you're a blogger and you're concerned of providing your increasing number of readers with quality content or blog posts, you will surely love Blog Proofreading service. I've talked about this via My Regency blog.

Now, let's talk about Splize. During the presentation, I was really excited to try the said social networking site because of its unique feature. Splize is different from other social networks and marketplace websites because it has intelligent matching feature. By the way, I'll share an interesting website review about Splize soon. Thanks for dropping by! :)

while waiting for other bloggers...

Thanks Inwrite for the photos. :)

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Joeyboy said...

Glad to meet you in the event Karen! :)