Jul 21, 2011

Blog Proofreading For Busy Bloggers

Blogging is my passion. But I'm not a perfect blogger. I commit mistakes. In fact, I really get distracted once blogger dilemma takes the scene. Let me share with you this interesting website review.

Yes, it's true. I love reading blogs. I'm fond of blogging too.

Source: DKG.org

But I'm also mindful of this one.

Source: FunBrain.com
One day, I received this comment from another blogger.
Ouch! I really need to proofread what I write before post submission. I felt shame because of what happened albeit it was not intentional.

How about you? Are you a busy blogger who needs proofreading services? Meet Blog Proofreading website!

I'm really impressed with Blog Proofreading idea by Inwrite. It's a novel service for busy bloggers like me. I'm sure you're also looking forward to experience the value-packed services of BlogReading by Inwrite. Indeed, their editors meticulously checked my other blog to correct errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Also, their blog proofreading service is affordable. You can pay for Value Voucher starting from $49 which is good for three (3) months in order to save time and money. I like the color combination of their website template design and the informative content found in it. It's easy to navigate too.

Now, I can surely avoid these creatures. :)

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LhanLhan said...

liked it already karen ^^ hope you win...

Trendy Karen said...

Thank you so much, Lhan. :)