Aug 2, 2011

Envelope Clutches Fashion

Yes. The simple setting of an envelope was the latest pattern of today's bags. It's not hard to believe that envelope clutches can be yours nowadays. Many bloggers noticed Kim Kardashian carrying an envelope bag  in different size and color. Your love letters long time ago can now be saved in a high-tech cellular phone signed sealed and delivered inside a fashionable clutch purse. Yes, that's possible.

envelope clutches

Well, if you remember the traditional letters via postage, bring on the statement in your style nowadays. I find the design inspiration very amusing because I remember the days when I'm an active pen pal letter sender. Also, I remember Kate Spade designs when I see these colorful envelope clutches. Personally, I would love to own over-sized envelope purses. How about you?


Francesca R said...

Me too!! i have bought several maxiclutches both from zara and asos and i love them!

erica marie said...

I think the envelope clutches are so cute especially in neon colors!!

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Bridget said...

Where can I buy those clutches? They are so cute!