Aug 26, 2011

A Bit Of Fashion, Travel and Calmness

It's been so long that I've posted a personal post here, something that talks about my activities, feelings or emotions. Basically, I don't intend to share some of my whereabouts, but I'm really excited about my new line of passion - fashion writing. I'm really fond of fashion-related ideas, photos and news so it's expected that I'll have this skill. I'm not a perfect writer, only passionate and daring, that's why I still managed to improve my craft.

I also write about travel because I love visiting new places. During holidays, I visit tourist spots with my husband. I'm really excited to be on the road with people who love to rent a vehicle for a travel escapade and take advantage of the remarkable packages offered by ManilaBus Rentals Philippines
nowadays. It's really worth my time.

Going back to fashion, I have also a little concern, fashion is a bit expensive. But I'm inspired with fashion bloggers and their statements that it's good to be a fashionista-on-a-budget. I've known many bloggers who wear thrifted items - mostly are ultra fashionable and chic. I've also learned from them that haggling is fine, as long as good timing is the tool. 

How about you? Are you a bloggers who loves anything related to fashion? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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