Feb 26, 2012

Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center News

Some readers of this blog asked me questions about Sharjah University Laser and Training Center, one of the best international schools in the UAE. Most of the readers mention it as an international school for laser dentistry. But if you check their website, the school also offer myriad courses that medical practitioners from the region will really like.

At present, the school has just finished three courses. Last February 17, 19, 2012, a lot of students flock to the university to study clinical applications, Laser in Plastic Surgery and Laser in Dermatology. The workshops were given to medical practitioners who need more knowledge on the aforementioned three subjects.

For those who are asking about the university, feel free to check their website. From time to time, they're changing their course offerings to fit in the need of the members of the academe. Thoughts?

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