Feb 22, 2011

Hosting And Joining Beauty Blog Giveaways

Hello everyone! I'm so grateful for visiting my new blog. I'm also grateful to Betherboo for being my first blog follower. This this time, I'd like to share my opinion and insights on hosting and joining blog giveaways. Let's divide the topic into two: hosting beauty blog giveaways and joining beauty blog giveaways.

Hosting Beauty Blog Giveaways
Do you know that by hosting blog giveaways you are creating an opportunity to improve your blog? I mean search engine optimization here. If you ask your participants to re-blog your giveaway with links to your blog, let's say one hundred bloggers submitted entries, imagine the links that you're building in doing so. That means viral. A lot of people will now read your blog.

Many beauty and fashion bloggers hope to increase their online visitors. The main reason is to attract advertisers and to create a brand or build reputation. Ho
sting beauty blog giveaways is one way to increase your chances of be
ing seen online. As a result, advertisers will ask you to promote their products after their representatives provide you of the samples. Others even earn money just by blogging about their favorite bag or ladies shoes.

Joining Beauty Blog Giveaways

I used to join beauty blog giveaways. I've won some products, yes. However, I really enjoy checking out the products that bloggers offer as prizes. There was one time that I won a small giveaways hosted by a blogger. I'm so grateful because the product she gave me is something that I really hope to have. If you enjoy supporting other bloggers by joining their giveaways, then you may join and participate.

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