Feb 27, 2011

I Love Pink Hues

Pink colors are amazing to me, from baby pink to fuchsia. It's very attractive and vibrant, especially when used as product color. Here's an amazing comment about my love of pink color.

I Love Pink Hues

A friend gave me pink slippers two years ago. I can't forget about the generosity.

Although my husband doesn't like pink, he usually choose pink blouses for me.

Honeysuckle, which has a fading pink hue is the color of the year. That makes me so excited that I want our kitchen wall to have a hint of Honeysuckle!

I bought two pink doll shoes last 2008.

My 2011 planner is pink. It was a gift given to me last Christmas.

My mother-in-law gave me two pink bags last Christmas.

Finally, I used to shop in pink-dominated shopping isles. Here's the evidence.

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