Jun 24, 2012

Having Fun at Watercamp Resort in Cavite

It's true that summer is over here in this part of the world. But we don't need summer season to enjoy swimming with family and friends. Am I correct? Well, some of my friends are telling me that it's good to visit many Cavite Resorts this time of the year. With their extensive travel experience, I don't mind following their insights. For now, I'll plan for my tour in the province before Christmas. I'll enlist my travel friends for the month-long journey.

For my travel plans, I'm thinking that my first stop should be in Kawit. There are many hotels and resorts in Kawit, but the most popular is Watercamp Resort in Cavite. It is located near the highway. No wonder many travelers liked its accessibility.

Watercamp Resort is not only accessible. It is also proud for its stunning wave pool and lazy river. The travel destination has a restaurant for your travel dining needs. For a fun-filled swimming activity, the place is perfect for all of us. What do you think? :)


Trendy Karen said...

I'm glad that Kawit is already very accessible from the metro. Soon, we will visit Watercamp Resort in Cavite. My cousins told me that they want to explore some of the best Cavite resorts this coming November. I'm so excited to go with them and enjoy roaming around the province. By the way, do you know any restaurant near Watercamp?

Princess Kiana said...

I agree. Because of Cavitex, it's now easy to visit Watercamp Resort in Cavite. Since I'm planning to organize a pool party for my friends, I'm sure it will be successful. Thanks for sharing.

Krincess Carl said...

As I've said, Watercamp Resort in Cavite is perfect for an uncompromising vacation. In terms of accessibility, it will shorten your travel time. Of all Cavite resorts, this is one of the most popular tourist spots in the province. They offer wave pool and lazy river too.

Karenade said...

These days, Cavite resorts are very popular. Many tourists visit the province for swimming and sight-seeing.