May 27, 2011

Ko Hyun Jung Spotted On 47th Baeksang Awards

Daemul fans, including me of course, love Ko Hyun Jung as a Korean actress. Her impeccable fashion style and powerful acting talent proved to be her fans magnet worldwide. If you remember The Great Queen Seon Deok television show, you will love or hate her as Mishil. She did it akin to a real evil nemesis of Deokman. In fact, she raked many acting awards because of the show. And please....don't let me start talk about her friend, Kim Nam Gil. :)

Thanks to the fans of Ko Hyun Jung since they posted these gorgeous photos via Facebook.

This dress is perfect for the 47th Baeksang Awards. Ko Hyun Jung knew the right ensemble for the event. Last year, she was spotted wearing a black gown, and was awarded the Grand Prize. I agree with a fan who said that the details of her gown this year hinted romance and ethereal beauty. For the hair, it's a thumbs up. The hairstyle matches the gown well. 

Ko Hyun Jung fans, share your comments below! :) 

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