May 30, 2011

Trendy Karen For Barbie Xu

Barbie Xu reigns supreme for her fans. It has been claimed that she's the ultimate model of beauty, Asian beauty if you wish.

There are thousands, if not, millions of fans all over the world who supported her career as an actress, product endorser and singer. There are also many of those who questioned her capability as an actress and singer. Although we have known her via her Meteor Garden television series with Jerry Yan, she became popular with other shows too, like Mars and The Summer Bubbles. Lately, there's no latest news about her online. We missed the fashionable Barbie Xu.

Photo Source: Crunchy Roll

I really like this photo. The tiara adds drama to 
the whole outfit. The hairstyle is messy
yet so trendy.

Under this Trendy Karen for Barbie Xu post, I'm really happy that I've found this photo scattered online. I like the wedding gown design. :) This was taken during her wedding to Wang Xiao Fei (correct me if I'm wrong). 


Raquel said...

She is very pretty!

Trendy Karen said...

Yes. That's true. That's why I wrote Trendy Karen For Barbie Xu, to celebrate this Asian beauty.

Thanks, Raquel!

Catmare said...

I remember Barbie Xu and F4. :D Whatever happened to her?