May 27, 2011

Raymen Beach Resort In Alubihod Guimaras

I've been to Raymen Beach Resort In Alubihod, Guimaras years ago but I still feel like I want to be back there. Our trip there was totally an adventure. We don't have a map. We just asked some people there and trusted our instincts. Thankfully, Raymen Beach Resort In Alubihod, Guimaras didn't fail me in my long quest for a super adventurous travel to the Visayas. The place is so nice! The food is sumptuous.

I really like this huge, huge rock. 
I had lots of photos taken here. :)

My hubby was impressed with the comfortable and affordable accommodation at Raymen Beach Resort In Alubihod, Guimaras. I'm not sure this time on the rate of their entrance and rooms. But I really like to be there again. :)

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Sheena said...

I've been to Raymen Beach Resort too. I remember swimming with my cousins Andrea and Sheeny. Mom said we will go there next year.

For now, we will visit Mount Sea Resorts in Cavite before the new school year opens. I'm so excited because that will be my first time to stay in the said Cavite resort, Philippines pride.

Thanks for sharing!