May 24, 2011

Teen Fashion Celebrity Dresses For Prom

Seventeen Magazine recently shared the Celebrity Dresses For Prom. I'm just inspired to blog about this after reading a fashion magazine before dinner time. But before that, I'd like to know your memorable prom experiences. Is it a mixture of fun and elegance? Let me know via comments. I had a prom that spells a mixture of fairy tale theme and excitement. Well, I love my dress at that time.

Going back to Teen Fashion Celebrity Dresses For Prom by Seventeen Magazine, let me choose my favorites.

Katie Cassidy. This is very inspiring for 
a prom preparation. But I want this dress to 
be above-the-knee in length. It's good also
to use pink-colored accessories
to make it more vibrant.

The classic elegance look of Dakota Fanning.
If I may be given a chance to
re-work this dress (just dreaming :) ], I'll make it 
more conservative
yet elegant. I really like the design.
The color is cool too.

Just visit Seventeen Magazine website if you want to know the other Celebrity Dresses For Prom inspiration. Thanks for dropping by here. :)

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Karen Joy said...

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