Jun 7, 2011

Fashion Trends Feather Hair Extentions

Alright, I now concede that feather hair extensions is the "it" accessory of this time. I've read over Yahoo that more and more women want to have this latest adornment on their hair. It could be that the bright and bold plumage provided fame and glamour for women in other part of the globe. But I saw Steven Tyler in American Idol wear feather hair extensions (correct me if I'm wrong, darlings!). Here's Selena Gomez with that chic fashion add on.

Source of Photo: Style List

But, I have comments for feather hair extensions. We're aware that these tool has been reserved for the fly fishing industry. Many news reports even stated that it affected the fishing industry because more and more stylists are buying bird feathers at a higher rate. The demand is huge but the production is slow. I'm think a lot of birds should be killed just to take hackle feathers. This practice, to meet the demands of hackle feathers go against the principles of ethical fashion. Well, let's see if this hairstyle craze will just fade by time. :)


latest said...

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Trendy Karen said...

Thanks, Latest. I'm glad you left a comment in my blog post about feather hair extensions.

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