Jun 25, 2011

Inspired By Flowers And Nice Interior Design

I saw this lovely decor at Crosswinds , Tagaytay City three weeks ago. I got inspired by how it made the place so fabulous.

I might create fashion accessories based on this
beautiful decor. :)

Not only that, I was in love of the simple yet interesting interior design of the area. You'll surely love this photo.

The candle is so cute. I love this center table too.


By the way, my friend Jane and I, will soon launch an online shop. We call it Janeka Fashion. You'll have the chance to own affordable and trendy fashion accessories. :)


D.Sadie said...

The flowers are so pretty! And how exciting on launching your online shop! Can't wait to see it. I wanted to follow you but your followers widget seems broken. =( Lmk when it's fixed hun.


Trendy Karen said...

Thanks, Dinah! I've participated in your giveaway, that's my way of supporting your blog. :)

Krincess Carl said...

Awesome! I've been to Tagaytay and it seems that the place is perfect for wedding venues. It's so romantic, especially at Crosswinds.

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