Jun 7, 2011

Suri Cruise Shoe Collection

When I dropped by The Daily Mail to check on news about Kate Middleton, I was greeted with an amusing and interesting article entitled, "Move Over Imelda Marcos, How Suri Cruise Already Has A $150,000 Shoe Collection". I was amazed, and then, think of Imelda Marcos shoes. Later on, I'm more amazed that at an age of five, Suri Cruise shoe collection reaching $150,000  is now very noticeable via the web.

Suri Cruise Shoe Collection
Source of Photo: Chicago Now

Since the age of three, she's been wearing heels. Have you noticed that in some of her photos online? To have a custom-made designs from Marc Jacobs and Christian Louboutin? She's really that fashion conscious! That's why I'm not surprised of this news by The Daily Mail that: "Last month Suri came 21st in a list of Glamour Magazine reader's style icon, surpassing Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker in ranking". So, move over Imelda Marcos, Suri Cruise shoe collection is the recent hype! :)

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