Jun 15, 2011

Cindy Crawford Daughter Kaia

I'm a fan of supermodels, especially Cindy Crawford. Daughter Kaia, seemed to steal the spotlight when her family attended the opening night of the musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark In New York, according to reports. She was just nine-years old but her she's been tagged as playing her Mom's make-up bag.

Cindy Crawford Daughter Kaia

Photo Source: The Daily Mail

In this photo, Cindy Crawford Daughter Kaia appeared to be wearing blusher on her cheeks as well as lip gloss and eye shadow. She's a beautiful little girl, right? Her fashionable Mom is her model, I must say.


Monica Whitney said...

She is gorgeous!!

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Trendy Karen said...

Hi Monica! Yes. She's really gorgeous like her supermodel Mom. :)