Apr 11, 2011

Fashion Trends By Vogue Irreverent Brides

Reading Vogue's Irreverent Brides fueled my imaginative mind. Wedding scenes filled my imagination. The elegance of conventional white wedding gown made me so thrilled. Just because my dream of wearing such kind of wedding dress happened, I have no right to not welcome my thoughts about irreverent brides. Through Fashion Trends By Vogue, let's have an imaginative mind.

Irreverent brides are those who chose to wear unconventional wedding dress during their big day. Let's start to imagine these. There's a bride who wants to wear black on her wedding day. The wedding gown should be designed to match her Gothic make up. She should stand out among the crowd of well wishers who should wear any color except black. Is it possible? It sounds weird but very possible.

What about a bride who wants pink hues in her wedding gown? An off white gown sprinkled with baby pink hues all around the waist and in some other parts of the dress. Is it allowed? The answer is a qualified yes, because it's subject to different issues.

Fashion trends by Vogue is really amazing. At Vogue, I've come across of a bride who couldn't decide on whether to wear long or short wedding gown. It's amazing that she did both. Vogue shared a nice photo to explain what I mean.

Source of Photo: Vogue

I really like the style of the wedding gown in the photo. I found the idea unique and trendy yet amusing. So good!

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