Apr 28, 2011

On Being Forgiving And Kind

Beauty inside out. Beauty and brains. Whatever it is, the endless craving of a young lady or a woman to be beautiful isn't boring. But this shouldn't be understood in that order. First, there's the effort to be beautiful. Then, the freedom to do good or bad surfaces in every decision-making. Later on, you'll think of all your actions as a human being.

There will be questions about being a blessing to others, coupled with the thought of being a daughter of God. But, what if being a natural man usually breaks in the process? Yes. The natural man is an enemy to God. What should a daughter of God choose in times of trials?

Being kind or cruel? Being selfless or selfish? 
What about the choice between being proud and forgiving? 
It's not easy, but the Lord provides all the guidance that we need.

On Being Forgiving and Kind. It's not always easy to be forgiving and kind. There will be times of confusion and contention. Under the process of repentance, I'm willing to stay on track.

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 blouse: fashion exchange. bag: Robinson's 
Department store. accessories: handmade
leggings: thrifted

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