Apr 20, 2011

Healthy Foods To Eat

In this post, I would like to talk about healthy foods to eat. I thought of writing about this topic because I wanted to change my attitude when it comes to eating the right kind of food. Although I'm not a junk food eater, I like to eat oily foods like fried chicken. I know eating too much of it isn't good.

Our health depends on what we eat and how we care for our body. Our environment is changing too fast that it affects our health. So we need to be conscious on our eating habits. We need to be committed with eating nutritious foods and having daily exercise.

I like carrots too.

I've read in a blog about healthy foods to eat. The blogger pointed out best foods to store at home. Some of the best foods include sweet potatoes, mangoes, unsweetened yogurt, broccoli, wild salmon, watermelon and green leafy vegetables. I like eating green leafy vegetables but I don't usually eat unsweetened yogurt. I should start eating it this time.

My other favorites include carrots and papaya. I like eating carrots before eating breakfast. On the other hand, I eat papaya before I take breakfast too. But before eating it, I take some chunks and use it as facial cleansers. Yes, I use real papaya fruit to do it. After a few minutes, I clean my face with water.

Papaya is also my favorite.

I'm sure you like eating nutritious food. I had mentioned here healthy foods to eat in addition to what you already know. Please share your thoughts by leaving comments.

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dreambake said...

Green vegetables have always been associated with healthy food. But some vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli and cabbage are also well known fat burners. Some of these vegetables have the ability to limit the fat cells to absorb the fat.