Apr 27, 2011

Trendy Karen Pink Invasion

Pink is also a bright shade, except baby pink of course. It's undeniable that it's my favorite color. I hear a lot of comments that most of my blouses, skirts and accessories project pink hues. I'm not surprised because in my heart, pink is really my signature color.

That's why I always feel at home with my pink invasion syndrome. 
In the world of fashion, shades of pink is considered elegant. 
When paired with black, an outfit will sure shout a threat of awesomeness. :)

shoes: jolie by ohrelle, blouse: thrifted, 
skirt: thrifted, accessories: handmade

All About Pink. Its symbolic meaning was joy and happiness. It has been closely associated with ladies and young girls. How about you? Do you like pink color?


Brittney said...

i love pink...and i LOOOOOOOVE the bright-fabulousness of this skirt! i kinda think black on top provides a nice balance to the brightness. you look great!
thanks for linking up today. :)

Trendy Karen said...

You're welcome, Brittney. :)